Super Sized Chicken Salad

I think the chic must be going through a growth spurt. Her lunchbox has been coming home the past few days completely empty and she's famished by the time we get home. She told me this weekend that she wanted me to pack her more food in her lunchbox. It's kinda funny because I thought that maybe I was packing her too much food. Little did I know that I've been starving her! So, now I'm super-sizing her portions and we'll see how much of it comes home.

We've had a crazy weekend, and I have not been feeling great today (just a little cold) so the last thing I wanted to do was make the chic's lunch for tomorrow. BUT there's no rest for the weary, as they say, and especially for moms, so I used my afternoon burst of energy to whip out a lunch as fast as I could. Good thing I had been to the grocery store the day before so I had lots of options to facilitate speedy lunch packing. I was really glad that I had grabbed a rotisserie chicken. Personally, I love the availability of rotisserie chickens. They make it really easy to whip up things like chicken salad without spending so much time prepping the chicken. So, a whole lunch made and I didn't even bust out the food cutters. It may not be the prettiest lunch, but it'll do the job.

Veggies (sweet peppers, sugar snap peas, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, carrots, banana peppers), Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad, Mutli-grain Wasa, Fruit Bites, Cottage Cheese and Strawberries.


Lia Chen said...

Nice pink and healthy bento ... I've just grab your button and put it on my blog, hope you don't mind :o)

Fresh Local and Best said...

I love the availability of rotisserie chicken as well. There's so much versatility.

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