Apple Orchard

I am so glad to be feeling better today and the chic seemed pleased with her lunch even though it wasn't tricked out with cuteness. She knew I wasn't feeling well, so I think she's giving me a sympathy pass. And she ate all of it except a few veggies. Guess we're sticking with the super-size! Tomorrow, she has a field trip to an apple orchard, so I did an apple theme. They are also learning about bees so I used honey in her peanut butter roll-up. They are coming back to the school for a picnic lunch so she's able to take her usual lunchbox. YAY!

Apple Tree, Cheese Flowers, Freeze dried Apples, "Apples" made from cherry tomatoes with cucumber stems, Pirate's Booty

For the apple tree:

Leaves - Mini cucumber cut into coins

Apples - Red bell pepper cut into dots

Grass - Cucumber peel

Trunk - Peanut butter and honey roll-up on a Sandwich Thin

Basket - Sandwich Thin

I found a new fruit snack option this weekend at Costco and wanted to share. We are always on the lookout for fruit snacks cause ya know the kids love them but it's hard to find ones that are made with only fruit (or with any fruit at all for that matter!). Stretch Island Fruit Co Fruit Leathers are our usual favorite, but it's hit or miss whether Costco will have them. I can get them at some of the stores around here, but they are much cheaper when I can get them at Costco. Anyway, we found these Fruit Source Mini Bites and decided to give them a try. They are made with ONLY fruit and are shaped like little square fruit snacks (see yesterday's lunch photo). The girls loved them and 14 pieces are equal to two servings of fruit! WOW! The fruit leathers are only equal to about half a serving. I haven't seen them anywhere else yet so I hope Costco keeps carrying them!


amanda said...

the tree is too flippin cute! great job!

tatabonita said...

Nice tree Michelle! Btw, you got an award at my blog. Don't forget to pick it :D

Alie said...

Thanks for the heads up on the fruit snacks! I'll be looking for them at my COSTCO.

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