Pumpkin Trifles

The chic's class is in the midst of a Fall unit and are sampling all sorts of pumpkin treats today. So, when the teacher asked for parents to send something, you know I was totally into it! Problem was, I couldn't decide what I wanted to make. I figured that pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie were too predictable. But I also didn't want to make something that was beyond your average Kindergartner's palate (like pumpkin mincemeat bars which I think are to die for!). Plus, the chic insisted that I make something "cute", AND I had the hubs saying, "You know this is your debut at the school. They all know you like to cook. They're gonna be waiting to see what you come up with." Good thing I work well under pressure! I decided that all Kindergarteners like pudding and they all like cake. So put it all together and what does that spell? TRIFLE!

Pumpkin Trifle (for 20 mini-people)

2 large boxes Jell-O Vanilla pudding mix

4 cups milk

2 cups Pumpkin pie filling (yes the filling, not the solid pack pumpkin)

1 loaf pumpkin bread, cut into small cubes

Cool Whip

20 Pumpkin Mallowcream Candies

Combine the pudding mix, milk, and pumpkin pie filling. Stir for a few minutes until it begins to get thick. Refrigerate until firm. Divide pumpkin bread cubes in half and place in the bottom of 20 small plastic cups. Top with half the pudding. Place remaining bread cubes on the pudding and layer the rest of the pudding on top. Just before serving, put a dollop of Cool Whip on each one and place a pumpkin candy in the center. (The candies will run a bit if you let them sit in the Cool Whip too long.)

For a thrown together little pumpkin treat, they turned out really good. I'm thinking of making a more adult version for Thanksgiving with a Bourbon whipped cream layer and candied pecans. I'll keep ya posted!


Fresh Local and Best said...

This looks so good! I'm looking forward to the adult version, Bourbon whipped cream - yum!

Susan Yuen said...

Wow, that looks wonderful. Love the candy pumpkin at the top! :)

tatabonita said...

I love pumpkin and yours looks gooood. A glass please! :D

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