Definitely not a Lunchable

I like the idea of a Lunchable, just not the reality. They are a nutritional nightmare. Read this article about them and you'll understand why: Ridiculous Food Products: Lunchables. I've always disliked them for their questionable nutrition, but had never thought of the packaging/environmental impact. When I was teaching, seventy five percent of the students would show up with these things on field trip days. My classes probably filled their own landfill worth of trash from these things!

It's just as easy to make your own version of a Lunchable with healthier ingredients. We use all natural, hormone free meats and cheeses with baked whole wheat crackers. (and I can make it cute!)

Havarti and Cheddar hearts, ham and turkey picks, strawberries with Nutella dip, molasses cookie, whole wheat barnyard crackers, sugar snap peas with bell pepper hearts

Nutella is the consistency of peanut butter - not ideal for dipping. I thinned it out with a bit of water so that the chic could dip her strawberries in it easily.

We snack on sugar snap peas a lot. We like to eat them raw. They're crunchy and a bit sweet and they are the perfect size for using with dips!


Fresh Local and Best said...

I agree completely with your feelings about lunchables. The convenience is great, but it's basically processed cheese and stale crackers when stripped down. I love that you are so creative with your kids' lunches, and yes - you can make it cuter!

arkonite_babe said...

my small sprog would love this, she's always on at me to buy lunchables but I refuse. They're not great and blasted expensive too!

Susan Yuen said...

Your lunches are far better than any lunchable. Thanks for sharing the article. :)

Pigs Do Fly said...

My son is always bugging me for those create a pizza lunchables. I've given in a couple of times, but egads, they are terrible! I couldn't find an "acceptable" (to him) replacement for the little bread round they use. I bought orowheat sandwich thins today; I'm hoping they will past muster with him.

Kerry said...

Not only are the lunchables a nutritional nightmare, the packaging is known to have health concerns as well. My friend recently had her autistic son tested by a Naturopathic doctor for heavy metals. He tested high for aluminum and tin. Some of the potential sources that the ND cited were packaging - juice boxes (tetra paks), lunchables, and processed cheese.

Amy Hemmert and Tammy Pelstring said...

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