Extreme Lunch Makeover!

Usually, the chic's lunch is a surprise to her. But, when she takes something that needs to be heated, I show her the lunch before we pack it up so that I can give her heating instructions. So, this morning as I'm packing up her Turkey Meatloaf Muffin lunch, she starts begging to buy lunch in the dining hall. I'm standing there looking at her in disbelief. Is this the same kid that NEVER wants to buy lunch? What is going on? And to add insult to injury, the lunch today - Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwiches! My wonderful lunch was getting thrown over for a ham and cheese sandwich! I did the only rational thing that I could...seeing that it was 7 am and I hadn't yet had enough coffee to engage her in an argument...I went ahead and let her buy hot lunch. BUT she had to agree to take her meatloaf lunch tomorrow.
I could not imagine what the change in attitude was toward her lunch. Especially a lunch that contains meatloaf. She loves the turkey meatloaf muffins so much that she eats them for snacks when we have leftovers. So, I knew that it couldn't be that she just didn't like the food. I decided to question her about it after school.

Turns out that I've created a little lunch monster. She was disappointed that there were no "faces or flowers or anything pretty" in the lunch. Oh how quickly we spoil! So, I took it in the kitchen and gave it a makeover (and removed the pomegranate seeds cause she's "not that much a fan of them") and now she is perfectly happy with it! So my lesson learned - pretty lunch means happy chic!
Turkey Meatloaf Muffin Makeover

Sesame cucumbers with rice wine vinaigrette, dried fruit strip, powerball, kiwi, much prettier meatloaf muffin


amanda said...

I hate to laugh at you Michelle, but I am laughing at you.
you are in soooooo much trouble!

Astrid said...

lol. Wonderful! Good makeover!

Fresh Local and Best said...

You're too funny!

Kristen said...

That has been one of my biggest worries! That he'll get spoiled and used to the cutest lunches and turn up his nose at the more normal looking ones. I really don't want my kidlet eating schol lunches with any regularity (occasionally won't kill him ;)). They say our district "well exceeds federal requirements" but it seems like everything is made with white flours or is deep fried, or both. While they sometimes have a healthier choice available, what kid is going to take the "harvest special pumpkin lasagne" when they can have chicken nuggets or pizza?

sherimiya said...

Uh-oh... no slacking off for you, it seems :)

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