Lunch Jars are the new Thermos

School lunches seem so short. The chic gets 30 minutes and by the time they get in their seats and get their lunches out, it seems like 10 minutes has already passed. She is allowed to use the microwave to re-heat food, but that just takes more time out of her already precious lunch. So, I went looking for a thermos so she could take warm foods in her lunch without having to use the microwave.

I soon discovered that what I knew as a thermos has been re-styled and re-named a "Lunch Jar". It sounds so fancy. I imagine some really sophisticated looking woman lounging on a chaise with a super breathy voice saying it really slowly..."L u n c h J a r". And did I mention that they are ridiculously expensive? I spent twice as much on a "Lunch Jar" as I do on insulated Starbucks mugs! But, what are ya gonna do? So, since we've had a streak of Fall weather, I made soup. And since she's got a new "Lunch Jar" burning a whole in her lunchbox, she's taking soup tomorrow.

Tomato soup, Cheese sandwich, Edamame, Fruit Roll

We made Michael Chiarello's Tomato Soup cause he is awesome and the person to go to if you want anything fresh and full of flavor.

I decided to defrost an ice pack and refreeze it in the bottom compartment of the bento box. I'm hoping that will do a good enough job of keeping her sandwich cool. (fingers crossed)

The chic has her first Field Trip Tuesday, so I'm trying to come up with something yummy that doesn't have to be refrigerated. They also want to be able to throw all the packaging away. Ugh! I've got my work cut out for me. Especially since it also has to contain "flowers or faces or anything pretty"! :)


BentoForKidlet said...

Kidlet only gets 15 minutes for lunch. I'm not sure why lunch times are so short :( I don't remember being so rushed as a kid. We love lunch jars too!

Anonymous said...

My husband Andrew Glass showed me your website. This is amazing! I am an artist, and I have to say I think you have elevated lunch to an artform. These lunches are beautiful. We have a new baby boy, and when he gets a little older I hope I can steal some of your ideas. Do your kids eat everything you pack for them?
Thanks for the inspiration.
-Robyn Glass

Kristen said...

I love Michael Chiarello too. My mom bought me some of the "grey sea salt" he always uses (although we never use salt so it all tastes the same to me ;)).

I think it's sooo wrong to require dispoable lunches like that. There must be disposable bento boxes a person could buy but I have no idea where to start looking.

Michelle said...

Robyn- Thank you so much! To answer your question, my girls do eat everything I pack. They've always eaten a really wide variety of food. We've always fed them whatever we were eating no matter what is was. When we go out to eat, we don't normally order for them off of the kids' menu. I mean, how many hamburgers and chicken nuggets can one kid eat? Fortunately, now they will eat pretty much anything. The only food that they really dislike has been beets, but I can live with that! Tell Andrew that I said, "hello"!

Angela said...

Yay on the thermos! Since I saw it in two of your posts, I'm guessing it did the job!

I just got one for when my son goes to school and I was hoping it would keep things warm and toasty. :)

Michelle said...

Angela - the thermos works great! She had a bit of soup leftover one day and even after school and dance class it was still hot when we got it home.

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