Almuerzo Rojo (Red Lunch)

When I was in school, we didn't even think about foreign language until high school. Now almost every Kindergarten curriculum has a foreign language incorporated in it somehow. At the chic's school, they start Spanish in Kindergarten. She has the class a few times a week and so far she really likes it. She likes to make-up words sometimes and pretend that she is teaching us Spanish (we haven't told her that mommy took four semesters of Spanish in college ;)) but sometimes the words actually are words she learned in class. Her favorite word so far has been "rojo" which means "red". It was one of the first Spanish words they learned and for some reason it really stuck with her. I thought it would be fun to incorporate her favorite Spanish word into her lunch, so here is her "almuerzo rojo" (red lunch):

Apple shaped peanut butter filled apple, Honey oat flax bread with homemade red raspberry jam, Babybel cheese, Red mini peppers, Red raspberries with provolone "rojo"

And an apple tip-o-the-day for ya...I used to always run a lemon over my cut apples to keep them from browning, but I read somewhere that Pink Lady and Honeycrisp apples hardly brown if exposed to the air. I had to test it out (cause I'm a freaky foodie like that) and I'm pleased to report that they are correct. My apple was just fine even after being left uncovered and untreated overnight. Lucky for us, these are our two favorite apples varieties!


arkonite_babe said...

I dip my apples in salted water, no taste alteration and no browning either. It's sometimes handier than lemon juice. Just a tip if you need to try in the future ;)

amanda said...

great apple tips! thanks!!

Astrid said...

I have four apple trees - and sadly, none are Honeycrisp. :( I love those things. Macintosh apples brown nearly as soon as you cut them. I'll try the salt water tip.. Evalina doesn't like the taste of the lemon juice when I tried that.

tatabonita said...

Hi Michelle, my first time dropping by at your blog. I googled your blog since you are one of my blog followers. Surprise! What a beautiful blog I found here - Bento! Love to find another bento lover :D. Thanks for following my blog, I'm so honored. May I have your permission to link your blog at my blogroll's bento corner? Talking about your latest bento, if I were your daughter I think I'd be the most lucky chica to have a great Bento Mommy like you. A bonita bento with favorite word "rojo". I think I like that word too by now hehehe.


Tata Bonita

Michelle said...

tatabonita - I would love to be added to your blog roll! Thanks!

Sheila Rae said...

Just came across you blog, and find it very interesting. Love your foodie ideas. I may have to use some of them and pass along to friends :)

I am now following you from

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Follow if you like what you see :)


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