Something's Fishy!

Blue jello has got to be bad for you. It's just gotta. I mean, besides the crazy amount of sugar, it's freakish electric blue. They don't make Berry Blue jello in sugar-free and it makes me wonder if there's some component in the dye that reacts with sugar substitutes or something? I don't know. What I do know is that the Berry Blue is my chic's favorite jello flavor. FAVORITE! I've tried all the other jello flavors with her (sugar-free of course) but she always wishes she had blue.

So, because I'm convinced she may grow a third arm one day from all the dye, or that I'm cursing my future grandchildren to a life in the circus where they'll lament "Oh, our evil grandmother! She let our mom eat dye filled blue jello and now we're circus freaks", she gets it very, very rarely. But because I bought a box when she was feeling sick a few weeks ago and never made it AND because I had some Goldfish crackers, I started thinking, "Blue jello, Goldfish crackers....hmmmm...ocean themed lunch!"

Fish shaped ham sandwich and cheese curd skewers, Cucumber starfish, Whole grain Goldfish crackers, Blue Jello Ocean


Susan Yuen said...

Love the ocean theme and the blue jello! :)

amanda said...

award #2 for you... come to my blog to get it.

Kristen said...

That is too cute! Love the ocean jello!

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