Quinoa Garden

If you haven't tried quinoa, you need to. We use it instead of rice. I always burn rice or overcook it or do something to otherwise ruin a perfect batch of rice. Seriously, I can cook the most complicated recipe out there but I can't make a batch of rice (or scalloped potatoes, but that's another post) And really, no one in my family just LOVES rice. But, quinoa is another story. It's got a bit of a crunch to it, it cooks in only 10 minutes, and everyone likes it. Plus it's really healthy. Quinoa is high in fiber, gluten free, and a complete protein. Anything I used to make with rice, I've made with quinoa - stir frys, Spanish rice, gumbo. The chic's lunch for tomorrow is a garden on a bed of quinoa.Quinoa background, yellow bell pepper sun, hot dog flowers with asparagus stems, cheddar and provolone flowers, sugar snap pea grass, watermelon cubes and whole wheat barnyard crackers.

To answer the question, "how does this all stay in place?" - I took out the two small containers and covered the garden with Press and Seal pushing down as I covered it. It kinda vacuum sealed it. I heart Press and Seal!

Usually, the chic likes sugar-free lemonade or a water bottle with her lunch. But, on my shopping excursion last weekend, I found chocolate almond milk in individual juice box sized boxes. I had never seen almond milk in individual sized boxes and the chocolate variety only had 6 grams of sugar. Regular chocolate milk has 24 grams! The chic has taken a couple in her lunches and has really liked them. Now we have another option in the drink category!

This will be my last lunch until next week. The chic has an early release day on Friday and a holiday on Monday, so we will be school lunch free for a couple days.

Lastly, thank you Amanda at Lunchbox Limbo for the Over the Top Award!

The rules of this award are to (I'm copying Amanda's words here):answer the questions with only one worded answers (those are below)- thank the blogger who gave it to you over and over and over (that's exaggerated a bit) :)- pass it on to 6 of your favorite blogs. I hereby grant this award to:

What's for Lunch at Our House

Bento Beginner

Hawaii's Bento Box

Happy Little Bento

Pigs Do Fly

Bento Babe

Now the questions: (and I'm not good with one word!)

1. Where is your cell phone? ..being repaired while I have a nervous breakdown without it!

2.Your hair?...long
3. Your mother? ...supportive

4. Your father? ...funny

5. Your favorite food? ...osso buco

6. Your dream last night? ...none
7. Your favorite drink? ..coffee

8. Your dream/goal? ...happiness

9. What room are you in? ..living room
10. Your hobby?...cooking and knitting

11. Your fear?...heights

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?...back in college for my master's

13. Where were you last night?...Home

14. Something you aren't?...shy
15. Muffins?..cranberry orange

16. Wish list item?...Foodsaver
17. Where did you grow up? ...all over the US

18. Last thing you did? ...dropped my phone off

19. What are you wearing? ...sundress

20. Your TV? ...off

21. Your pets?...2 dogs 3 hermit crabs

22. Your friends?...fun

23. Your life? ...busy

24. Your mood? ...panic (the phone, y'all!)

25. Missing someone? ...my oldest when she's at school during the day

26. Vehicle? ...minivan

27. Something you're not wearing?...shoes

28. Your favorite store? .. Banana Republic

29. Your favorite color?...red

30. When was the last time you laughed? ...?

31. Last time you cried? ...?

32. Your best friend? ...the hubs
33. One place that I go over and over? ...Costco
34. One person who emails me regularly?..mom

35. Favorite place to eat? ...Brio
Everyone have a great weekend!


Patrizzia said...

We love quinoa also. I have a great salad we make. Let me know if you are interested in it. That is one yummy bento box.

amanda said...

i just bought quinoa at costco for the first time. i need ideas as to what to do with it! So, yes, please post that recipe patrizzia!

Michelle said...

Yes, recipe!!

sherimiya said...

Fun award Michelle! Thanks! So glad to find your great bento blog too!

Patrizzia said...

Here ya go ladies. Hot off the press.. lol! :)


Pigs Do Fly said...

I can't quite get my family on board with quinoa. I keep trying though! I just picked some up the other day at TJ's, so it must be time to try a new recipe! =)

Susan Yuen said...

Hi Michelle, thank you for the award! :D I like the questionnaire too, it's fun to see a little glimpse of what others are like. I'll post mine in a few days. Thanks so much!

Astrid said...

Love the garden! So sweet!

arkonite_babe said...

thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou

Is that enough, can I stop now???? :0)

Award very much appreciated!

Simply Life said...

Oh my, that is too cute!

Trish said...

WEll I never! Grin...this will show my age but good grief....this is way toooo complicated for me, ha ha. I must admit I did make all the snacks for my son, many moons ago, into little pictures on the plate...I guess the world is so much more sophisticated now! YOu are certainly7 quite the food artist and innovator. Good luck....Love your little site and I am sure it will inspire many!

Melissa said...

Wow!! You are so creative! Love this!

Sweet and Savory said...

This is fantastic. You get better as the posts go by.

I see you have a badge, It is going with me to my blog. I will be proud to share it.

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