Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese, Stawberries and blueberries, Dark chocolate cookies, Cucumber and carrots with ranch dip

We enjoy the occasional "blue box" of macaroni and cheese. I've tried the organic, whole wheat, healthy varieties, but none come close to the comfort food satisfaction of the original blue box mac and cheese. We probably have it once every couple months and everyone is always very excited when they see the box. When I was at the store the other day, I saw a new variety of the blue box that was half whole grain. We gave it a try, and really, there was very little difference in that and the original, and the half whole grain variety has 5 grams of fiber per serving. That's better than some granola bars. Yea, sodium is still pretty high, but I'm pretty vigilant about sodium in other things, so one box of mac and cheese probably isn't going to send any of my kids to the cardiologist.


Erin O. said...

We've tried Annie's mac and cheese a few times and it just doesn't compare! I stick with the blue box, so I'll have to try the 1/2 fiber. Super cute blog :o)

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