The Colorado Lunch

Spring break is next week! We are going to Colorado for Spring Break this year and the girls are brimming with excitement. The chic has woken up every day this week and asked me how many more days till we leave. She's buying lunch on Friday so tomorrow is her last homemade lunch before the break. I thought it would be fun to do a lunch based on our trip.

Van - quesadilla with whole wheat and blueberry tires and blueberry headlight (We're driving)

Girl's face - Monterrey jack cheese, carrot hair and nori eyes and mouth

Snow capped mountains - strawberries with a bit of honey on the end and rolled in unsweetened coconut

S'more - crackers with marshmallows and chocolate chips with a little peanut butter to hold it all together (Making s'mores is one of their favorite Colorado activities)

Edamame (Nothing to do with Colorado, but she had to have some green in her lunch! :) )

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Spring Break!


Bar 7 Ranch said...

Too cute!

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

How adorable! Have a great Spring Break :D Kidlet doesn't get his until the last week of March!

sherimiya said...

Love that smore! Yum!!

Melissa said...

Very cute! :)

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