Ham and Cheese

The chic requested a "ham and cheese" lunch like her friend brings. Her friend brings a Lunchable...almost every day. You all already know how I feel about those things, but this time I had to explain it to the chic. She asked why I never buy "those lunches". We had a pretty good conversation about chemicals and preservatives and packaging and such. She told me that she was glad that I make her the "good kind".

Cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese flowers, Ham skewers, Pita bites, Blueberries, Green beans

Frozen green beans are awesome for school lunch. By the time she eats, they will be defrosted but still cold. She has always loved green beans. So much so that for her first Easter, we stuffed the eggs with green beans. True story...I've got pictures to prove it! Some of my friends thought it was so mean, but the truth was that green beans were the only thing that she loved enough to actually search for other eggs. And she did! She went crazy searching for eggs, popping them open, and shoving the green beans in her mouth. She was never a sugar baby and still isn't. She doesn't care about dessert at all. The little chic, though...that's another story!

Student council pizza day is tomorrow so I'm off of lunch making duty until Monday. Have a great weekend!


Patrizzia said...

Hey, you can buy a chunk of ham and cut them out using a cookie cutter into circles to mimic those gross lunchables. :)

frosty said...

I had that same talk with my son too.

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