California Rolls

I love the variety of foods at the stores around where we live! Not that long ago, if I wanted sushi, I had to make it or search for a Japanese restaurant to get it. I can remember when there was ONE sushi place in our area. Now it seems like there's a sushi spot on every corner and you can even get it at the grocery store. I love that convenience! Especially since we are a family of sushi eaters! While doing some shopping today, these California rolls were calling my name. I thought they'd be perfect for the chic's lunch tomorrow.

Cucumber with rice vinegar and sesame seeds, Strawberries, Sesame brittle and Gouda cheese, California rolls with soy sauce

I have to admit that although she normally LOVES sushi, I'm not sure how she'll feel eating it in front of her friends in the dining hall tomorrow. She says that she's gonna eat it and a lot of her classmates have eaten sushi or been with their parents eating it so I'm thinking that it won't be any big deal. After all, they should be used to her lunches by now, right? I packed her some cheese for an extra protein, just in case!


Amy Hemmert and Tammy Pelstring said...

Love it! Wouldn't be surprised to hear that she ate every bite!

mushima hawani said...

I want one, I want one... ;D

AlaskanTails said...

What a great looking lunch! My boys would go nuts for it! I bet the chic goggles up every bite and all her friends are jealous! that's what happens when my son takes his to school- everyone drools :P

I also love how available sushi is now! When I lived in the bush it was a once a year treat- when we flew out for shopping, unless we made it ourselves.

Now in the "big city" sushi is everywhere! Both my 3 year old and my 8 year old are crazy for sushi. It's a fav to find in their laptop lunboxes!

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