A Cereal Surprise

The people at MyBlogSpark sent me some coupons from General Mills to try some of their breakfast cereals. They are trying to reduce the amount of sugar and improve the overall health of their breakfast cereals. (You can read about the importance of a healthy breakfast here.) Normally, we steer clear of the kids' cereal section. Mainly because I have a serious addiction to kids' breakfast cereals. Ya know how the girls in romantic comedies always reach for the pint of ice cream when they are stressed or sad or whatever?? Well, for me it's breakfast cereal. If I buy a box of cereal, I will think about it, contemplate it, imagine eating it, etc...until I finally give in and eat a big ol' mixing bowl sized serving of cereal. I'm a weak weak person. So, we try to buy only healthy cereal that mommy won't eat in one sitting. My usual favorite is an organic pumpkin raisin flax cereal. It's good. It's healthy. But it's no kids' cereal.

Soooooo, because General Mills sent me some coupons, I thought I'd give in and get myself, I mean the chics, a few boxes of cereal. Well, I'm shocked to report that the General Mills cereals we chose (Lucky Charms and Honey Nut Cheerios) have more vitamins and less sugar than the cereal I usually buy. I'm a crazy label reader but never really considered comparing Lucky Charms to our "grown up" cereal. Interesting, huh? We don't eat lots of cereal around here (the chics prefer cheese omlettes for breakfast), but General Mills says that they are going to reduce their sugar to single digits in the near future. THAT will definitely make me consider buying cereal more often.


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

I'm a super huge fan of General Mills. We are Cheerios eaters here once they started making them so much better.

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