Quiche Face

The family loves quiche. I think it may be the hubs favorite food, and it is up there in the faves list for the chic as well. I made a rosemary bacon quiche for dinner last night and took a bit of it to make a muffin sized quiche for lunch.

Rosemary bacon quiche - Trail mix with Whole Grain Cheerios, dried cranberries, and pecans - Banana crumb muffin, grapefruit segments

The quiche is based on an awesome recipe that I spotted on Foodgawker. The recipe (here) has a hashbrown crust and used Swiss cheese. I didn't have any potatoes so I made a rosemary pie crust instead. I also used Havarti cheese instead of Swiss. The family loved it. We ate all but two pieces of it for dinner and the hubs and the oldest chic ate the other two pieces for breakfast. The face was made with carrot and sugar snap pea eyes, a red bell pepper mouth, and rosemary hair.

Lastly, if you have a Facebook account, I've created a Foodie Footsteps group. I've been posting links to my blog posts on my wall because some of my friends follow me through Facebook. I know, though, that not all of my Facebook friends want to see what my chic is eating for lunch, so I've always felt kinda bad about filling up their home screen with my lunches. Now, I can post my blog links on the Foodie Footsteps wall and only the group members will see them. I felt kinda silly creating my own group, but if you've spent any time on Facebook, you know that there have been far far more silly groups formed! Just click on the button in my sidebar to join!


Rachel said...

Hi! Great blog. :) Please check out my blog. I have given your blog an award. Have a great day :)


Angela said...

The faces always get me. :) lol

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