The Sack Lunch

Tomorrow is the chic's first Field Trip. This means I had to pack a lunch that did not require ice packs and that was completely disposable. I did it, but by no means did I like it. If anything, packing this lunch made me appreciate my Laptop Lunchbox even more. There are such limitations with plastic baggies, and I'm still worried that her sandwich will get smooshed in that bag. I went with the traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and tried to jazz things up as much as I could.

Jack-o-Lantern napkin, carrot sticks inside cucumber rings, pb&j pumpkin sandwich, granola bar, honeycrisp apple.

I kinda feel like I'm letting her down without the usual pomp and circumstance associated with her normal lunch. Hopefully, she will have so much fun on her field trip tomorrow that her lunch will be unimportant. I gotta admit that I'm looking forward to getting back to her Laptop Lunchbox tomorrow!


arkonite_babe said...

I hate packing completely disposable lunches. Do teachers think kids won't be able to manage a box aas they do in school or is it just plain laziness????

BentoForKidlet said...

I never understood the need for a disposable lunch. They have to carry them there so what is the problem with carrying them back?! Pffy :)

Amy said...

I think they're often carried in one box together and lunch boxes take up more space than brown bag lunches. Also the teachers probably don't want to spend time putting each child's lunch box pieces back together and handing them out again when they return.

You can still do a bento-style disposable lunch - just pack it in a plastic or aluminum take-out container. This will create a lot less waste than baggies and individually wrapped items and will keep the food from getting crushed.
I got the inspiration for this from Lunch in a Box:

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