It has been raining for forty days and forty nights! Okay, we may have had one day of near sun, but still...it's been raining for two weeks straight. I'm going to have to get phototherapy soon! Seriously! I know in other parts of the world, this is totally normal, but here in Texas, we don't usually see Fall weather until about...uhhh...Christmas! On top of that, the beloved Kindergarten teacher has been out for a couple days, so the chic has been a bit down. In order to brighten things up a bit, her lunch for tomorrow is a little whimsical.

Strawberry and grape skewers, Ladybug Babybell cheese on green beans, Smart Pop popcorn and organic fruit roll-up flowers, Turkey sandwich on whole wheat mini bagel with provolone and cheddar heart cutout.

I've had a few people ask about it, so I just wanted to clarify - the ladybug is decorated using Nori, not black marker! : )


Patrizzia said...


Astrid said...

I love your Babybell Ladybug! Super cute!

Kristen said...

I lived in Dallas for 3 years -- I MISSED the rain and was so happy to get back to Oregon. Funny though, we've barely had ANY rain, when normally its all 40 days and 40 nights by now. LOL

I love the ladybug cheese -- my kidlet won't eat anything nori touches, so I've done similar with the yellow kind (to make a bee). He can peel off the nori and wax and will still eat what is inside, hehe.

Looks like the whole lunch would be a pick me up, I bet it made her smile!

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