New Stuff

I love new stuff. Who doesn't, right? So, the chic's lunch for tomorrow is all about me getting to use some of my new bento accessories.

Shelled Edamame in a NEW Silicone Muffin Cup, a Boiled Egg molded into a bear by my NEW Rice Mold, Hello Panda Cookies from my NEW family sized box, Homemade Honey Oat Flaxseed Bread made from a NEW recipe from my friend Aimee, and Waldorf Salad (okay, so nothing's new in that...but it's still good)

This morning, I finally found the silicone muffin cups I've been looking for! I really didn't need a dozen of them, but I guess there are actually people that use these for cupcakes and they actually need a dozen. Who knew? Technically I didn't have to use a muffin cup for the edamame, but I really wanted to!

I also used my rice mold to make a bear boiled egg. I think it turned out pretty good except for the small tear in it's cheek. You have to peel the things while they're hot, and although I've got pretty heat resistant hands from all the cooking I do, I'm not perfect. Hey, my chic has a dimple so we'll call it a dimpled bear!

The bread is my friend Aimee's recipe. I call her the Earth Mother cause if there is anything you need to know about holistic, organic, natural anything, she's the one to go to. She even inspired me to start making my own yogurt. So she gave me a recipe last week for Honey Oat Flaxseed bread and everyone in my house devoured it. The chic is getting the last of it in her lunch.

The waldorf salad is super easy. You don't even have to measure anything. Just eyeball it according to your tastes. It's apples, carrots, celery, dried cranberries, walnuts, oj, and a bit of mayo. It's really good, and I usually always have the stuff to make it.

The last item in her lunch is gonna win me some big BIG brownie points! Hello Panda cookies are these little cookies filled with chocolate frosting-ish filling. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hello Panda cookies and can usually only find them in individual bags at boba tea places. When we were at the Asian market last week, I found a family sized box for the same price that I pay for a small bag. I hid them, I mean put them, on the top shelf of the pantry hoping, I mean thinking, no one would see them. Well, my oldest busted me and has been begging for them. She loves em too. So when she opens her lunch tomorrow, she is gonna be thrilled! Maybe I can convince her to clean the playroom now?


Susan Yuen said...

Great blog and beautiful bentos! Those panda cookies are a hit with my kids too. :)

Oleys said...

Ok - I must find the panda cookies. Also - how on earth do you make the panda egg?? So cute - I love the dimple!

Patrizzia said...

YUM! I want some of that salad. I ADORE those panda cookies. I have to search high and low for ours. Crappy Midwest.

golonghorns said...

Wow, you have a ton of great bentos! I'll be checking back for ideas for my kiddos lunches. Have a great day! Jennifer

Amy said...

So cute! I looove my silicone muffin cups - especially the square ones by Wilton that I got at a craft store

Michelle said...

Jacque - It's a rice mold. I got it at the Japanese market. You put the egg in the mold hot and then let it cool.

Patrizzia - do you have a World Market in your area? I was there the other day and noticed that they had the exact same box but on the very bottom shelf. I've gotta get more cause my hubs discovered the stash! Ugh!

Amy - dang! I didn't see any square ones. I bet they fit in the boxes more neatly!

Patrizzia said...

I do I do. Will have to go check it out this week. Thanks.

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