Daddy/Daughter Bentos

Well, it finally happened. My chic forgot her beloved Laptop Lunchbox at school. Poor little thing, she cried when she realized that she left it in her locker because she was afraid she wouldn't have a "pretty lunch". Awww...I love her! Since I had already decided what she would be having in her lunch tomorrow, I had to change my plans to fit into a traditional bento instead of her Laptop Lunchbox. I made her dad a lunch yesterday (see below) and thought I would just go with similar daddy/daughter lunches.

Cheddar cheese stars, Ham and Provolone rabbit sandwich, Pretzel sticks, Pineapple and red bell pepper cubes, Kosher dill pickles and black olives.

I don't know what's up with the camera and lighting today, but I swear that the pineapple is a fresh bright yellow pineapple!

It all fit (barely)! Here it is, all lidded up and belted.

We'll see how the bento works tomorrow, but I can't wait to have her other lunchbox back! Gotta say...after packing this lunch, I love that Laptop Lunchbox even more. Everything seems to fit in there so nice and neat. But, she's taking this bento tomorrow and has hopefully learned her lesson on bringing her Laptop Lunchbox home.

A Bento for the hubs...

When I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets last week, I came across a container that is perfect for packing my hubs a bento lunch. So, as luck would have it, he asked me to make him a lunch yesterday and I was ready for him! After informing him that I will only pack bento style lunches now (and him rolling his eyes), this is what he got.

Lettuce and Tomato for his sandwich (he likes it to be packed separately), Dill pickle, Choco-Pie (moon pie that he got at the Asian market last week), Dinosaur Egg Pluot, Babybell Cheese, Pretzel Sticks, Ham and Cheese sandwich.

I think this container is awesome and can't believe that I didn't realize it was lurking under my cabinet this whole time. I need a few of those silicone muffin cups and it'll be perfect!

(Thanks for everyone's patience with my ever changing blog format. I finally decided to make my own header and I think this is what I'm gonna stick with!)


amanda said...

comment thing working now!

oh, and i saw some silicone muffin cups at the ross or marshalls (whatever it is) near target in grapevine.

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