Fun Food Friday!

My girl has really been enjoying her lunches. Every day on the way home from school, I get to hear her story of who said what about her lunch. Apparently, the rabbit sandwich drew a crowd, a boy thought her yogurt was gross cause there were blueberries on it (she said he's "crazy" anyway), and the mice were a huge hit. She's been liking them so much that she hasn't even asked to buy hot lunch this week - hasn't even looked at the menu. So to reward her for her good food choices, I'm giving her a fun food Friday.

Marshmallow rice sushi, Cucumber Ribbons with bell pepper flower, Scrabble Cheez-its, Babybel Cheese, Ribbon Sandwiches

Ribbon sandwiches started when my nephew (a high schooler now, sniff-sniff ) was small and my sister told me that even I couldn't make a pb&j exciting. (See - that's how long I've been into the whole food thing!) Well, I had to prove her wrong- and much to my sister's dismay, he asked her to start making sandwiches like Aunt Michelle! Ahhh - sweet victory! Since then, I've made these in lots of variations. My fave was pimento cheese, cucumber, and egg salad for a baby shower. Anyway, you can all probably figure this out yourself, but just in case you'd like details, here it is:

Ribbon Sandwiches

(This makes a sandwich big enough for two)

4 slices of whole wheat bread

Peanut Butter (smooth works best)

Two different colors of jam (here I used Red Raspberry and Peach)

Assemble in the following order:


Jam A


Peanut Butter


Jam B


With a bread knife (it will give you the best looking slice), cut off crusts and them slice into desired shape.

*My three year old wanted to cook in the kitchen today so we made marshmallow rice treats. There's nothing healthy about this, believe me. I've tried a bunch of healthier versions of the old standby, but none of them have ever been very good. We only make them a few times a year and no one in my house will die from eating them on occasion. Everything in moderation, right? I've seen marshmallow rice sushi millions of times (okay maybe only a hundred) but never made it cause, honestly, marshmallow rice treats do not last long in my house. Generally when we make them, the chics are eating as fast as we can mix them, and the hubs is hovering around grabbing spoonfuls. I never get a chance to try to make anything with it. So today, I shaped a bit into nigiri and a few into rolls, added some fruit strip "nori", and ta-dah...marshmallow rice sushi.

*Scrabble Cheez-Its are cool! Especially for kids learning their letters! I put the letters in her lunch to spell her name several times. (Yes, I went through the box and pulled out the letters - don't judge me!)


arkonite_babe said...

I was just about to ask how you made the marshmallow sushi! Cool!

Astrid said...

I've dug through boxes of Scrabble Cheez-its searching for letters for my son, so I don't judge! I love the ribbon sandwiches, and I wish I could get my daughter to eat cucumbers, because I love the way it looks. lol.

Angela said...

Hi, Could you email me quick and tell me what you put in your cucumber ribbons (for a dressing?)thesuburbanjungle at gmail dot com

I like the licking tongue on the kid in your design. so crazy and cute.

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