Baby Bento

My little one has been feeling a little left out with all the attention focused on her sister's lunches. During our shopping trip yesterday, I let her pick out a bento box. Today she insisted that I make her lunch in it AND take pictures. SO, although this is not technically a school lunch (she ate it while sitting on the couch), I'm posting it. Hey, it's my blog...I can break the rules!

Quail egg, pb&j butterfly sandwich (homemade peach jam and natural peanut butter), cucumber chain, dinosaur egg pluot.

The butterfly was a total fluke. I was cleaning out the cabinets today and had the cookie cutters on the counter. I just grabbed one and that was it. I really liked it though and think that my big girl will be getting one in her lunch next week...with more decoration, of course!

I don't have any cute bento dividers so I used a celery stick that I wedged in the container.

My little one was so proud. She ate everything and then carried it around all day!


amanda said...

love it! great idea on getting her the baby bento!

Shannon said...

I LOVE the cucumber chain. I think my son would actually try eating them if they were in a chain! Thanks for a cool lunch idea.

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