Alice in Wonderland...

Ya know in Alice in Wonderland where Alice drinks the potion to be really big and then to be really small? Well, that's kinda what I thought about with the lunch today. Kind of a take on disproportionate sizes.

Mini "candy" apples, quail eggs, mini whole wheat blueberry muffin, long beans

During my bento shopping today, I found a couple things that I love. First quail eggs. They taste just like chicken eggs but soooo much cuter. And I found long beans. My daughter LOVES green beans - really really loves them. So much so that for her first Easter, we filled her Easter eggs with green beans cause it was the only thing that we KNEW she would hunt for! So I like the long beans for the novelty of the food she loves in ginormous size.

I also made mini "candy" apples. Melon baller, apple, peanut butter, and nuts. Shove a stick in it and there you have a mini dessert.

My bento shopping today was pretty successful. I found two cute bentos for snacks and maybe a lunch for the three year old. I also found a set of rice molds that I'm hoping to use for eggs and maybe quinoa? I'll have to work on that one! The hubs went with me and even though he complained at first that it was too far away, he ended up saying that it was really a fun day. We had a blast walking around checking out all sorts of things. We went to a little mom and pop type place that carried lots of neat bento items and then on to a huge Asian grocery store. I even found palm sugar which I've been looking for forever (it's in Pad Thai). Here's a picture of my treasures:

Two Bentos (they are the same size, I just opened the one on the right for those of you that wanted to see the inside), rice molds (a bear, a boy, and a girl), two bands to hold the bentos closed (I'm sure there's a name for em but I don't know what it is), and the flatware/chopsticks that fit in the top of the bentos.

Overall, I think that to get some serious bento ware, I'm gonna have to do some online shopping, but will definitely make plans to go to the stores again in the future.


Amy said...

The bands are called bento belts.

You should be able to use the rice molds just like this for eggs:

Michelle said...

Amy - thanks! I tried the eggs this morning and they worked perfectly!

Astrid said...

I really think I need to try quail eggs. Do you get them fresh? I saw some boiled in jars at the Asian market... wonder if my daughter would like them.

Michelle said...

I found fresh quail eggs at a local Asian market in the same refrigerated case as the chicken eggs. I've never tried them in the jars. They taste just like chicken eggs so if your daughter likes chicken eggs, she will definitely like quail eggs. Probably more cause they are WAY cuter!

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