Blue Food

Warning: if the sight of unnaturally colored food makes you queasy, look away now!

Tomorrow is "blue day" at preschool. Gotta say, not the easiest color to achieve naturally. This lunch is more of a purpley blue combo, but it was as close as I could get. The only thing that I added color to was the cottage cheese. I thought it looked gross, but little chic thought it was awesome. Go figure!
Purple baby carrots, Cottage cheese(with a dot of blue icing color), Frozen blackberries, Blue jello.


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

That is one mighty blue lunch!! You did a great job with a tricky color :D

Astrid said...

I would love to find some rainbow carrots!

sherimiya said...

Wow, you sure did find all the blue foods!

Anonymous said...

There's a variety of blue potatoes, which could be a good basis for a potato salad, too, btw! :)

Shannon said...

That is awesome!

I have so much trouble coming up with blue food items. I'm with you, everything in nature that is "blue" is really more of a purple.

I have resorted to food coloring in order to make a pasta salad sea. ;o)

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