Three Amigos

This lunch didn't start out being faces, but when I put the ham and cheese in the container, they were just begging for a face. I'm gonna tell the big chic that the ham and cheese people are she and her two besties (one's a boy and one's a girl). She'll love that!
Natural applesauce, Whole grain sandwich thin, Frozen green beans, Ham, turkey, and cheese amigos.


The Sneaky Mommy said...

I love all of the creative cute ideas--and they're so healthy! Amazing!
I nominated you for an award at sweet Amanda's blog: There are cash prizes!

Thanks again for all the great ideas!

Alie said...

Oh those guys are SO cute!!

Amanda said...

Hi! You were nominated for an Awesome Blog award... want to shoot me an email so I can verify some info with you?



Melissa said...

The cheese amigos are super cute!

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