One for Easter

And I mean it...ONE. I feel so guilty about feeding the big chic lunch this week, but we've had a bad week. First, I got sick, then the little chic got sick. It's been one big sickly mess of a week. I bought big chic a Central Market kid's lunch for Monday, she took a pb&j on Tuesday for a field trip and she bought lunch today. There's no school on Friday, so tomorrow is my one and only chance for an Easter lunch. And although I was SOOOOO tempted to tell her to just buy hot lunch again tomorrow, my mom guilt got the best of me and I made a lunch.
Mashed potatoes with meatloaf bunny (carrot whiskers and ears, cucumber nose and teeth, potato eyes with caraway seeds), Strawberry slices with cheesecake dip, Babybel cheese.

Hopefully I'll be a better mom next week! ;)


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Aww, don't worry about it, we all get sick and life happens! This is a very cute bunny for easter :D

sherimiya said...

Agree with Jenn, we've all been there! That's the first bunny with buck teeth I've seen so far this bento year! Great job!

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