White Christmas

This lunch is supposed to be all white for a "white Christmas" theme. The cucumbers were a little more green than I would've liked, but I'll live with it!

Cheese quesadillas over Pirate's Booty, Cucumber chunks, Homemade yogurt with raspberry on the bottom, Marshmallow skewers and Dried pears.

I learned to make yogurt after the chic started asking for those little sugar filled yogurt drinks at the grocery store. Those yogurt drinks have an ungodly amount of sugar in them and when I found out that I could make my own, I really wanted to do it. I've never been able to get the yogurt as thick as store bought, but the chics like to be able to drink it anyway. It's really easy to make your own yogurt, especially with my handy little yogurt maker. At first I made it in a cooler, but I had to constantly monitor the temperature and it was kind of a pain. The yogurt maker keeps it at the perfect temperature for the entire incubation period. Over the years, I've lost a couple of the jars and really should buy more, but my recipe only fills six jars anyway, so it's hard to decide to spend the money.

I put a tablespoon of homemade jam or fruit on the bottom. The addition of fruit is one of the reasons that the yogurt is not thicker, but, again, they like to drink it.

This batch was frozen blueberries in the back and homemade raspberry jam in front.

The chics just shake them up when they're ready and drink them through a straw.

My gingerbread post is on Tastespotting! Here's the link if you wanna check it out. I love the new camera!

Also, for those of you wanting to get your own Laptop Lunchbox, now is the time! I've posted a link in the right sidebar that will take you directly to their store. If you use the coupon code "foodiefootsteps" you will get 10% off of your order! Who doesn't love to save some money?


Astrid said...

I love the idea of drinkable yogurt! What a neat idea! I've always wanted to make my own yogurt, but I really like the texture of store bought yoplait yogurt... would I be disappointed?

sherimiya said...

Wow, never heard of a yogurt maker. Cool!

Amy said...

Congratulations on the Tastespotting mention! I loved your pictures when you posted them.

How do they get the blueberries up the straw? Does the fruit break down during the yogurt-making? Where did you get your yogurt maker?

Michelle said...

Astrid - I have personally never been able to make it as thick as Yoplait, but I know that other people do. I think you can add dry milk powder to make it thicker, but I never get a chance to experiment cause as soon as they see the yogurt maker, they start planning who gets what and I NEVER get any!

Amy - Thank you! The blueberries are frozen so they do break down somewhat in the yogurt. I got the yogurt maker on Amazon.com after exhausting all of the kitchen stores in our area.

Angela said...

The yogurt maker makes it look so slick. I've always made it in a thermos too, but this looks so accurate and easy.

I'd love to break my kids love of the yogurt drinks too. Heading to amazon right now...

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