Two for One

As you are all aware, the week before Winter Break is a crazy one, filled with concerts, parties, dinners, gift exchanges, etc...On top of this, our beloved dog is having some serious medical problems. All these things have kept me away from the computer and away from my blog. I finally had a bit of time today to sit down and update, so I've got two lunches to post.
First is tomorrow's lunch... I have to make sugar cookies for the chic's class to decorate and looked everywhere for a huge snowflake cookie cutter. I couldn't find one. I've been complaining about it at the little chic's dance class and yesterday one of the mom's (Hi Jill!) comes walking in the dance studio with a gorgeous gigantic snowflake cookie cutter. I couldn't resist using it to make something for lunch with it, but the thing is too big for anything but a tortilla. I know I posted a quesadilla last week, but I HAD to use the cookie cutter while it's on loan!

Snowflake quesadilla on dried cranberries (the little heart is a Junior Mint), Cucumber holly leaves and bell pepper holly berries, Triscuits

The second lunch was Monday's lunch and it was a disappointment. This was supposed to be more like a reindeer (ya know those cute reindeer cookies you make with pretzels?), but it ended up looking more like a bear. Plus, I really wish I had the Laptop Lunchbox 2.0 cause it's got the bigger container option. The original Laptop Lunchbox doesn't have a larger container so sometimes I feel like I'm squishing my stuff in there (thus the funky bear ears...I mean reindeer antlers).

PB&J Reindeer/Bear, Reindeer food, Carrots, Cheese stick, Fruit Leather, Rice Krispie Angel


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

The funky beardeer is still cute :D I love the snowflake quesadilla too!

Angi said...

Ya'll are right that is a gorgeous snowflake! Hope the dog gets to feeling better soon too

Beth said...

What a great site you have created! I love it!
I am worried about your dogs, however. Which one is sick? What is wrong?

AlaskanTails said...

I have the original lunchbox too- so when I have something that doesn't fit well, I just remove the container. You could remove the 2 big ones from this and fill in with more stuff OR use a little press and seal to keep it all in place. :)

I definitely want the 2.0 *sighs*

AlaskanTails said...

oops- duh. I see you already did that with the snowflake one LOL! Sorry, need more coffee!

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