A few years ago, I bought a Cooking with Kids cookbook. I thought it would be chock full of ideas for cute food for my girls. Instead it was full of recipes using store bought cookie dough and canned foods. Needless to say, I never use it and honestly don't know why I keep it...hmmm...maybe time to clean out the cookbooks??...ANYWAY...in it's entire life in my household, I've made one recipe from it. An inside out sandwich - pretzel rods wrapped with lunch meat. I thought it was a great idea. I was wrong. They were gross and dry and my kids did not like them. I really liked the idea, though, of an inside out sandwich. So, we gave it a try with bread instead of the pretzel and added our own touches, and voila!...the Flip-wich was born.

Peanut butter and apple ladybug (something we made when we were learning about ladybugs in preschool), Strawberry spinach salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, Whole grain Goldfish crackers, Turkey Flip-wich.


1 slice thick bread, cut into a strip (I used buttermilk sourdough)

1 slice lunch meat (I used turkey)

1 slice cheese (I used provolone)

mustard (you could use mayo or anything else that would make the pieces stick together)

Lettuce, tomato, whatever you like

Lay the turkey on cutting board and spread with a bit of mustard. Top with cheese slice and spread cheese with mustard. Place a piece of lettuce at one end of meat and cheese and top with bread slice. Roll up, slice and lay seam side down in tray.


amanda said...

love the flip-wich! cute ladybug!

adymommy said...

love the idea of the flip-wich! I will try it out next time she takes her lunch to school. The spinach salad looks yummy but I know mine won't eat that. Maybe I will make it for my lunch :)

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