Lasagna Soup

Lasagna is soooooo good, but I rarely make it because I feel so guilty eating it. The same things that make it great are the same things that make it bad for you...cheese, cheese, and more cheese! I came across a lasagna soup recipe that had all the flavor of lasagna with only a bit of cheese. It's Paula Deen's Tastes Like Lasagna Soup. I know that Paula Deen is not normally known for her healthy cooking, but this recipe is actually very healthy. I made a few modifications, though, to boost the nutritional value even more. I added a buncha spinach and omitted the mozzarella. I also added a small spoonful of ricotta cheese to the top. YUM!

I packed the soup in her lunch jar and then sent a few snacky type things in a little bento to eat with it.

Oreo, Goldfish crackers, Lasagna soup, Dried cranberries


Angi said...

That looks delish... I like the idea of omitting the mozzarella and adding the ricotta.. YUM

Lasagna Recipes said...

I love ricotta cheese! And I also make it a habit to put bits of veggies in my lasagna. Sometimes I used spinach, too. I've tried using zucchini, chard, mushroom, and butternut squash as well! Lasagna can get really versatile, don't you think so?

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