Pad Thai

Well, the VERY postponed birthday lunch ended up being VERY VERY postponed. Chic wasn't feeling well so I kept her home yesterday. (We've all been fighting a cold, thus the less than glamorous lunches this week!) So, she took her birthday lunch today. Tomorrow's lunch is leftover pad thai from dinner last night.

Pad thai, Dark chocolate cookies, Celery sticks, Dried cranberries (in the paper), Cucumber slices

Pad thai is one of her favorites so she is always happy to eat it in her lunch. I even put her cute little chopsticks in the box in case she decides to impress her friends with her mad chopstick skills. (Okay, so they're the kid chopsticks that are basically tongs...still...she'll think she's cool.)


sherimiya said...

I love pad thai bento! and dark chocolate ftw!

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Looks delicious! Does she eat it cold or is it heated somehow? Kidlet uses the kids chopsticks too and thinks he is amazing :D as long as they are enjoying themselves right?

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