My Lunchroom Revolutionary

The chic bought her lunch earlier this week and said it was gross and "not very healthy". So, as she was describing the horror that she had to endure in the hot lunch line, she also tells me that a few of her friends buy hot lunch a lot and she informed them that they are not eating healthy. One of the boys buys every day and it seems that she has made it her personal goal to improve his lunch habits. She told him that he needs to have his mom make his lunch because the hot lunch is bad for you. I'm sure his mom will call me at some point and ask what the heck my kid is saying to her son, but for now, I'm gonna enjoy the fact that she's a little lunchroom revolutionary!

Tomorrow is pizza day and normally she would want to buy lunch. BUT after the trauma of the unhealthy and gross lunch, she wants to bring her lunch from home. I made her a little pizza on a whole wheat bagel with Canadian bacon and mushrooms. This way she can enjoy pizza day AND bring her own lunch.

Banana, Cucumber carrot star cut-outs, Sugar free black cherry jello, Bagel pizza

The instant oatmeal worked out really well, btw. She came home with only a bit of it left and she said that it was really good. I'm sure we won't be taking instant oatmeal often but it's good to know that it's another option!


sherimiya said...

You go, girlfriend! One kid at a time! She's so cute :)

Amy Hemmert and Tammy Pelstring said...

Beautiful Lunch! I love the star theme.

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