Quinoa and Cupcakes

The hubs has been dieing for some seared ahi tuna. I finally made it last night and paired it with stir fried quinoa. As I've mentioned before, anything that I used to make with rice, we now substitute with quinoa. Stir fried quinoa is identical to regular fried rice so it makes it a really simple substitute. The chic wanted the leftover quinoa in her lunch so I made her lunch around that.

Stir fried quinoa, Rainbow cupcake, Spinach and veggie spring rolls with teriyaki dip, Cottage cheese with pineapple spears.

I cleaned out the pantry and refrigerators today and it really put me in a baking mood. The little chic is going to have a rainbow cake for her birthday but I needed to do a test run, so these cupcakes were it! Normally I try to steer clear of the crazy excessive food dyes but birthdays are special and the chics get whatever birthday cake they want. I have tons of icing color from past birthday cakes but the only green I had was a "Spring Green". I think that it's the only color I would change - maybe more of a kelly green. A cake would definitely be easier than the cupcakes. It was pretty hard to get equal amounts of each color in each cupcake liner. With the cake you could just dump the entire color into the pan. I think the kids will love all the colors!


RLR said...

The cupcakes are still lovely! I'd be tickled to find one in my lunchbox :)

BentoBeginner said...

mmm I love quinoa!

Angi said...

The cupcakes look gorgeous!

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