Hot Dog Ring

I wanted to take a little break from all the flowers. That seems to be the chic's favorite, but I started to feel like they were all the same. It will be short lived though. She's already requesting flowers for next week! She's a pre-planner like her mom!

Hot dog ring, Zucchini slices, Pirate's Booty, Cottage cheese with blueberries

We broke open a new package of Coleman Hot Dogs tonight and made a hot dog ring. I cut through the hot dog most of the way and cut off the ends to make a flat edge. Then I wrapped it around and pinned it together with a toothpick. I placed it on a whole wheat bread round, filled it with shredded cheese, and drizzled it with mustard. When she heats it up tomorrow, the cheese should be all melty and gooey.

This weekend I'm attempting to make my first batch of fruit leather so stay tuned for that adventure!


sherimiya said...

Cute idea!

arkonite_babe said...

Oh, fruit leather. I will watch with interest to see how that's made!

BentoForKidlet said...

Looks tasty! I can't wait to hear about fruit leather!

Susan Yuen said...

The cheesy hotdog looks yummy and I can't wait to see how the fruit leather turns out!

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