Field Trip Lunch

Tomorrow is another field trip. This time they will be eating at their destination so lunch has gotta be disposable and not require refrigeration.

Peanut butter, honey, and sunflower seed monster sandwich, Celery sticks, Jack-o-Lantern tangerine, Pirate's booty, Granola bar, Baby carrots, Fruit bites

Sometimes the chic has a hard time peeling tangerines. I cut the tangerine like a jack-o-lantern and then used the orange peeler tool (that orange thing from Tupperware) to cut through the skin. This made it look more like a pumpkin AND she will have an easy time peeling it tomorrow.

I have to admit that I am hopelessly unmotivated by the plastic baggie lunch. It seems that the chic will have a lot of field trips this year so I would LOVE suggestions for more creative field trip lunches!!


VeggieGirl said...

HA! Such a cute sandwich :-D

BentoForKidlet said...

The sandwich and tangerine are super cute! I'm not sure how to make a baggie lunch any better, you did a great job!

Leslie B said...

Very cool! And I love the nails. :)

sherimiya said...

I have to make a field trip disposable next week; I'll probably have to do something similar :) I have used cute Disney cardboard boxes that fold closed at the top (like happy meals) before. They work great and look cute. I have also used those takeout bento boxes you get from Asian markets, plastic with clear lids.

Amy said...

Disposable doesn't mean it has to be in plastic baggies, right? Re-use plastic or aluminum take-out containers to make your usual bento-style lunches. Divide the food with paper cupcake liners or plastic food separators (like sushi grass). I love the Lunch in a Box website for inspiration:

Michelle said...

The packaging ideas are all great! What do you fill them with that doesn't have to be refrigerated?

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